Some Testimonials


A mother lost her teenage son 17 years ago. She had difficulty coping with his death and was treated in different institutions for depression and PTSD. About a year ago she came to see me and after two sessions of TIR and unblocking she returned home... healed.  Her husband wanted to know what I did, as he had a brand new wife. It is now a year later and she still refers friends and family with trauma issues. She believes in TIR.


Empty Chair

It is my privilege to share an incident which touched me deeply. A few years ago I met a woman in her 40’s who have just lost her daughter. The daughter had Downs Syndrome and the mother thus knew her daughter would probably die before her. The daughter was however high functioning and lived in a hostel for girls with this syndrome. She had a simple job during the week and visited home most weekends as they were a very close knit family.  

Shortly before she fell ill and passed away, she and her mother had a terrible fall out and the daughter decided that she would not go home for the coming weekend. Next thing the family was informed that their daughter became ill and had a high fever. She contracted pneumonia and passed away shortly thereafter. The family was devastated. They had a warm and loving relationship which was suddenly broken and the mother was left with a heavy load of guilt feelings.

Approximately 8 weeks after the funeral the mother came to see me.  During this session I facilitated the mother in a gentle fashion to have a make belief talk with her late daughter. It was a huge success! The mother knew her daughter very well and the questions she asked, and answered herself, brought her such relief. She called me two weeks later to inform me that she coped much better with her loss.The thank you messages I received from the mother over a three year period of time, was very heartwarming.T

Trauma met geboorte 

Ek het met ’n kliënt gewerk wat angstig geraak het wanneer iemand aan sy nek vat. Selfs die dra van ‘n das het hom benoud gemaak.

Ons het met die Thematic TIR tegniek begin en kon ’n paar vroeëre insidente identifiseer waartydens hy die angs beleef het wanneer iemand aan sy nek vat. Sy gedagtes het teruggegaan na sy geboorte toe waar hy volgens sy ma met die naelstring om sy nekkie  gebore is.

Met die TIR tegniek kon ons, met die min inligting tot ons beskikking, sy geboorte deurwerk. Hy kon onthou hoe hy gesukkel het om gebore te word en hoe die naelstring elke keer stywer om sy nekkie getrek het. Skielik kon hy voel hoe daar verligting kom en is hy gebore.

Hy het vir die eerste keer besef waar sy angs vandaan kom en kon nou ook die kognitiewe skuif maak dat die vrees om verwurg te word hom nie meer moet oorheers nie, want hy lewe! 


A young girl in her early twenties, who almost suffocated on a piece of a hamburger at a wedding reception, came for help. The incident was so critical that the paramedics were called in. They struggled for hours to restore her oxygen levels back to a point where she could be transported per ambulance to the hospital where she had to stay for a few days. This scary sight was very upsetting for the wedding guests, who all then prayed together. She fully recovered but could not eat any solid foods after the incident. Two weeks after a TIR session she managed to eat everything, except for a hamburger! Since then her life has returned back to normal.


After the fires in Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, I was invited to do a week of trauma counselling in Plettenberg Bay. However, not all the counselling was about the trauma of the fires. A wife who not only lost her husband due to a high voltage electrical shock, but had other issues as well. Now more than a year later she says, “My lewe het handomkeer met TIR verander.” “My life turned completely around after TIR.”


A woman in her early thirties was raped twice as a six year old. She never told anyone, being convinced she was guilty of having done something despicable and her parents would blame her. This had a severe impact on her daily existence as she struggled to get out of bed and continuously battled depression. Ten days after her TIR session she reported that she experienced amazing relief! She was even glad that she had that misfortune in her life, because now she makes sense of her life and it has given her purpose to help others to heal!