Traumatic Incident Reduction Association – South Africa

You are cordially invited to the first TIRA-SA symposium. Topics are

Understanding Trauma
The World Through the Eyes of a Traumatized Child

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When:       27 and 28 August 2018
Time:        8:00 for 8:30      Closing time: Estimation 16:00
Venue:      Elardus Park Dutch Reformed Church, 547 Frelon St, Elardus Park, Pretoria,0181                   
Cost:          R2,500.00  Tea and light lunch included

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Presentations by highly acclaimed specialists in their fields of expertise:

Dr Margo de Kooker is a medical doctor with a keen interest in Holistic Medicine. She has degrees in Medicine and Physiology from the University of the Witwatersrand and has taught nationally and internationally. Margo is continuously busy with developing a broad range of professional educational programs, as well as corporate health promotional programs. The focus of these programs is on mindfulness, nutrition, optimum performance and psychological and physical resilience.

In her Functional Medicine Practice her focus is not only on healthy ageing, but also on optimizing the well-being and brain health of both the elderly and children. She is presenting at the Symposium on special request of those who heard her speaking at previous conferences. 

Ragnhild Malnati is Chief of Training at Applied Metapsychology International in the USA. Ragnhild has vast experience in various areas which include working with traumatised children. She obtained her BA in Psychology at the University of Maryland, College Park, and her MSW, with a clinical concentration in mental health, from the School of Social Work, University of Maryland at Baltimore. Ragnhild, specializing in Traumatic Incident Reduction, is an experienced therapist/facilitator and international consultant in various fields such as Personal Growth, Facilitating & Training, Communication Skills, Ability Enhancement, Stress Reduction, and Relationships & Self Esteem.

Susan Sluiter is a qualified clinical psychologist, a clinical hypnotherapist and trainer of TIR in SA. Her passion lies with the impact that traumatic experiences have on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. She came to the conclusion that TIR is not only exceptionally effective in addressing trauma, but can be applied with great success in a much wider field of psychotherapy.

Sonja Smith is the founder and MD of Sonja Smith Funeral Group. She is a regular speaker on television and radio programs, as well as at seminars. The historic breakthrough she made in challenging the Constitution of SA with regards to the rights of parents in the case of pregnancy loss, is her greatest achievement yet. Sonja is currently a Director at Kronendal Retirement Centre and serves on the Board of Governors as Chairman of the Centurion Hospice. 

Yvonne Retief is a Senior  Applied Metapsychology Trainer and Founder of TIRA-SA

                 CPD Points for registered practitioners:
VBO 14 | HPCSA 6 | CPSC 5 | SACSSP 4 | CCSA 11