An overview

TIRA-SA (The Traumatic Incident Reduction Association of South Africa) is an organisation that is functioning, alongside their international counterpart, TIRA, under the auspices of Applied Metapsychology International.  It will be worth your while to visit the international websites of the two mentioned organisations.  The links are included at the bottom of the page.

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Main Objectives of TIRA-SA

TIR has established itself in South Africa as an effective approach to promptly counteract the negative effects of trauma and as a stress resolution. The need to expand and create a body of TIRA in South Africa was increasingly felt specifically with the purpose to: 

  • ♦ create an understanding of and promote Applied Metapsychology with the focus on TIR, EA and LSR.  Read more about this … 
  • ♦ create recognition for the value of this work in our country 
  • ♦ contribute to regulate the quality of training and application of Applied Metapsychology in SA 
  • ♦ create a forum from where the members can share their experiences and knowledge and engage with other professional organisations so that they can inform their members of training offered by TIRA-SA.  Details about membership will be released soon 
  • ♦ provide information about available Applied Metapsychology facilitators and trainers throughout South Africa - to be released soon 
  • ♦ ensure the continued existence of TIR in South Africa

It will be a heart-warming experience to read some of the amazing testimonies of results achieved! To read more about that click here – soon to be released


The use of Applied Metapsychology to address trauma and stress resolution is unique in the sense that it is completely person centred as well as directive.  This means that the viewer (client) is encouraged to view his/her own mental environment at his/her own pace, come to his/her own conclusions and decisions, and reach an endpoint when the traumatic experience is resolved.  The viewer’s responses are accepted by the facilitator (counsellor) without judgement, without offering guidance or giving advice, and without making comments or making any diagnosis.  This carefully developed/well tested approach is directive in the sense that the facilitator strictly adheres to a prescribed protocol, a specific set of communication skills and a number of rules - together it creates a safe environment for the viewer. 

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TIRA-SA Symposium 27 and 28 August 2018

Exciting news!! Shortly after TIRA-SA has been established, follows our very first Symposium.

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TIR for Children And so does our first workshop on 29 and 30 August 2018. Click here to read more

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